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  • Dave Bedford

Alt-Rock Artist Prismia Unleashes Latest Single 'Don't Look'

Prismia ignites the alt-rock scene once again with her latest powerhouse single, "Don't Look!" With roots in Seattle, Prismia, led by the multi-talented Anna Mariko Seymour, delivers a hard-hitting track that speaks to the complexities of modern-day pressures and the facade of perfection.

"Don't Look!" dives headfirst into the uncomfortable territory of societal expectations and the relentless pursuit of appearing flawless, even amidst turmoil. Prismia masterfully navigates this theme, shedding light on the internal struggles of keeping up appearances while grappling with inner turmoil.

From the opening chords, "Don't Look!" commands attention with its wall of distorted guitar lines, driving drum beats, and piercing synths. Seymour's impassioned vocals soar above the instrumental backdrop, delivering a raw and emotive performance that hits home with listeners. The track's punchy chorus, featuring Prismia's punk-infused exclamations of "Don't Look!" underscores the urgency and frustration of the narrative, while the crescendoing verses mirror the rising tension and angst.

As the song builds to its climax, Prismia unleashes a brilliantly chaotic breakdown, complete with a shredding violin solo that adds a unique layer of intensity to the track. It's a moment of catharsis that leaves a lasting impression, showcasing Prismia's ability to craft dynamic and impactful music that resonates on a visceral level.



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