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  • Dave Bedford

Anthony Bruno Crafts A Sonic Journey of Jazz, R&B, and Pop In Latest Album 'Cefalù'

Renowned jazz saxophonist Anthony Bruno has released his eagerly awaited new album, "Cefalù." Known for his innovative blend of jazz, R&B, and pop, Bruno continues to push musical boundaries with this latest offering. His extensive musical journey, marked by numerous successes and a deep-rooted passion for music, is reflected in every note of this album.

"Cefalù" is a sonic exploration that transports listeners to both real and imagined places, with melodies that resonate deeply. Following the acclaim of his debut album, Bruno's evolution as an artist is evident in this new collection. The album features an impressive lineup of Chicago's finest musicians, including drummer James Russell Sims, guitarist Cole Runge, keyboardist Andrew Lawrence, and bassist Vinny Kabat. Together, they create a rich and dynamic sound that blends indie rock, R&B, and jazz influences seamlessly.

Reflecting on the album's creation, Bruno describes "Cefalù" as a narrative journey through various landscapes, both seen and dreamed. This instrumental album is infused with Bruno's signature passion and authenticity, making it a compelling listen from start to finish. The tracks are a testament to Bruno's ability to merge different genres into a cohesive and captivating whole.

"Cefalù" stands as a testament to Anthony Bruno's artistic growth and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Fans of jazz, R&B, and pop will find much to love in this album, which showcases Bruno's unique ability to blend genres and create deeply moving music.



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