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Azu Yeché presents a soulful ode to heartbreak in new single "Leave Me Now"

British-Nigerian artist Azu Yeché returns in 2024 with his new single, "Leave Me Now," a poignant and soul-stirring exploration of accepting the end of a relationship. Building on the rich foundation of last year’s two-part EP, Soul Afrikanah, which delved into his dual identity through folk and soul sounds, this latest track showcases yet another facet of this multifaceted artist. Yeché’s refusal to be pigeonholed is evident as he delves into the golden era of classic soul, offering listeners a beautifully crafted, emotionally charged experience.

"Leave Me Now" is a masterclass in soulful simplicity. The track features purposefully slow-paced percussion and serene acoustic strings, creating a spacious backdrop that allows Yeché’s commanding yet relaxed vocal performance to shine. The emotional intensity of his words is striking: “If your lovin’ is ruled by someone else, leave me now, oh leave me now. If your lovin’ ain’t as strong as mine, leave me now, oh leave me now.” These lyrics, delivered with heartfelt sincerity, mirror the loneliness of being in an unrequited romantic relationship.

“It was a beautiful experience working with Jim Lawton on the production for this song, and I believe we came up with a stripped-back sound that is true to the soulful nature of the song but also includes some subtle modern touches. I've loved performing this song live, and I'm so happy that it is finally being released.”

"Leave Me Now" is a must-listen for fans of Michael Kiwanuka, Lianne La Havas, Jordan Mackampa, or Leon Bridges. Azu Yeché delivers a deeply moving and beautifully executed piece that resonates with the timeless quality of classic soul, while his unique voice and perspective ensure the track feels fresh and relevant.

Stream "Leave Me Now" here:


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