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  • Ellie McGuire

Barrett Unleashes Debut EP ‘Quit Dreaming’

Based in Nashville, rising female-fronted group Barrett is paving their way into the music scene with their captivating sound, referred to as ‘skatepark pop’.

Listeners will be enthralled with Barrett’s devotion to their craft and passion on their debut EP, Quit Dreaming. They establish a resonating four-track offering that will transport listeners on a music journey.

The EP fuses elements of alternative rock and pop-punk, bringing together precise rhythms and the inventiveness of various soundscapes. With intriguing sounds and captivating vocal notes, Quit Dreaming, transcends genre barriers and compels listeners to dance.

Quit Dreaming, is a self-made project showcasing their distinctive sound as it develops throughout the four tracks. With influences from bands like The Killers and Paramore, their sound is gritty and quiet all the while showcasing originality. 

“‘Quit Dreaming’ is about redefining pop/punk for a new home-studio generation. With this project, we want to launch a new wave of early 2000's nostalgia. We hope that these songs grab the hand of Gen-Z-ers journeying through adulthood,” says Barrett on the release.



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