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  • Paul Riley

Blaze Olsen And Daddy NAT's "Rich Pricks": A Bold Confrontation Of Societal Inequality

Blaze Olsen’s latest single "Rich Pricks" is not just a song; it's a rallying cry against societal divides and inequality. Teaming up with Daddy NAT, Blaze Olsen delivers a powerful blend of indie pop, rap, and anti-pop that hits hard and resonates deeply.


Hailing from a background of constant movement as a military brat, Blaze Olsen's journey across the United States has left a lasting mark on his music. His decision to abandon traditional education and pursue his passion for music led him to the sun-kissed shores of California, where he found both solace and inspiration living off the beaches of Malibu during the pandemic.


"Rich Pricks" serves as a visceral expression of Olsen's frustration and envy towards the privileged few. It's a raw and unapologetic outcry against the stark wealth disparity he witnessed firsthand in Malibu. With lyrics fuelled by righteous anger and a punk attitude that refuses to be silenced, the track pulls no punches in its condemnation of societal injustice.


The addition of Daddy NAT to the mix adds a fresh layer of perspective to "Rich Pricks". His distinct vibe complements Olsen's raw energy, amplifying the song's message and driving it home with even greater force. Together, they create a musical powerhouse that demands attention and refuses to be ignored.



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