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FODÉ Unleashes Rock Tune ‘Dead Poets’

Two years ago, the English-American trio FODÉ—James Clark on drums, Ollie Norris on bass, and Fodé Busia on guitar and vocals—made their debut in the bustling London music scene. The band's satirical songs became viral hits on TikTok thanks to their hilarious parodies of popular musicians' styles. Profiting from this momentum, FODÉ displays a sound that transcends genres as they deftly blend parodies with their original music.

Their most recent song, "Dead Poets," which gained over 4 million views on TikTok, was inspired by their viral video that explored "how Frank Ocean sounds to non-fans." FODÉ decided to alter the song after receiving several requests for a full version. The song gained further depth, flare, and vigour from the band.

The upbeat and vibrant rock track is produced by the Rhodes electric piano, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, and acoustic guitar. After a few hours, they were able to add their touch to the song, and they made a reservation at Premises Studios in Hackney for the official recording. It's ready to be given out to the thousands of people who asked for it.

"Dead Poets" is a song that highlights FODÉ's explosive production skills and intriguing lyricism, all while showcasing their musical talent. Their most recent release, which complements their whole musical record to date, demonstrates their artistry.

This song started as a joke but we took it seriously and turned it into art,” says FODÉ comments on the release.



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