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  • Ellie McGuire

Grizzly Feeder Transcends Genres With New Single 'God Size'

Grizzly Feeder demonstrates how easily they can move across genres with their sound; think Lana del Rey meets Deftones. They're back with their amazing new song, "God Size," which engulfs you in a dramatic, mournful melody with powerful female vocals that are infused with love and thunder. This song epitomizes modern rock music with its frightening riffs, catchy choruses, and alluring bass hooks.

Fans of dream pop, alt-rock, alternative metal, and all in between will find this engaging story to be a riveting listen as it imbues the song with authenticity and resonance. The song "God Size" takes listeners on a journey via music that is inspired by rebirth and destruction, love and conquest.

“To fall in love is to journey into the landscape of someone else’s heart, often a beautiful and terrifying foreign land. ‘God Size’ cries from the perspective of that new world, as it seduces its conquistador, leads him into its heart, destroys him, and at last, cradles him as he is reborn into it,” Grizzly Feeder comments on the release.



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