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  • Ellie McGuire

Julian Roy Unveils Captivating Debut Album ‘Friends First’

Julian Roy, is a recording artist, songwriter, and producer whose debut album, friends first, highlights his enduring significance in demonstrating his unwavering perseverance. 

Julian Roy, who draws inspiration from musicians Bob Marley, The Beatles, and Stevie Wonder, pushes the envelope in music with his inventive sounds. With the success of his first EP, 18 lbs, under his belt, his debut album highlights his deep appreciation for contemporary R&B, indie-pop, alternative, singer-songwriter, electronica, Neo-Soul, and experimental World Beat.

The 14-track collection strengthens Julian Roy's credibility as a musician. He is a formidable opponent. The listeners will be captivated by the tracks right away. His journeys through the island life of Southeast Asia and South America, as well as his experiences living among musical communities in Nashville, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles, have all inspired his music.

friends first, demonstrates the basis of his passion for music and his unparalleled ability to combine powerful lyrics with engrossing instruments. He is a nuanced and multifaceted artist, evidenced by his vulnerability, effortless talent, and musical ability. He is going to captivate audiences everywhere.

Listeners will be enthralled with Julian Roy’s devotion to his craft and passion in, friends first. He is a creative person who aspires to establish a deeper connection with his audience by being transparent and honest in his songs. His enticing voice and captivating instrumentation throughout the album evoke strong feelings in the listener.

“friends first, was recorded during and after COVID-19 in the middle of so much heartbreak and pain, during this time my father also passed away which shaped parts of the album. friends first, has nine different producers, was recorded in Mexico, USA, Colombia, and Norway (three continents), and has seven featured artist,” says Julian Roy on the release.



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