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Kaelin Ellis transcends genres with eclectic Single "Celebration"

Hailing from Lakeland, Florida, Kaelin Ellis emerges as a genre-defying creative force, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences including homegrown Gospel, Madlib, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus. With a sound that effortlessly traverses funk, hip-hop, electronic music, and space-age jazz, Ellis captivates listeners with his fresh and exciting approach to music production.

In his latest single "Celebration," released via Fools Gold Records, Ellis teams up with Juno-award winning rapper TOBi and shape-shifting producer Anomalie to deliver a stunning sonic experience. The track shines with an eclectic blend of contemporary jazz notes and distorted electronic ambiance, creating a mesmerising atmosphere that is both slick and smooth.

The collaboration between Ellis and TOBi is nothing short of magical, as their vocals intertwine seamlessly over the rich musical tapestry. Together, they masterfully blend elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz to create a sound that is undeniably alluring and irresistibly bold.

As Ellis gears up to release his upcoming album, "Celebration" serves as a tantalising glimpse into the next chapter of his musical journey. Originally crafted in 2021, the track has been meticulously perfected over the years and is finally ready to be unleashed upon the world. With accolades from Rolling Stone, NPR Music, and Complex Magazine already under his belt, 2024 is shaping up to be a bright and promising year for Kaelin Ellis. Check it out now.

Stream "Celebration" here:


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