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Lady Bird Lad Unleahes Sophomore Melancholic New Single ‘More Than Enough’

Ahead of his debut EP, Lady Bird Lad returns with his sophomore single ‘More Than Enough’. Combining elements of Damien Rice's raw emotional force, Ben Howard's emotive storytelling, eerie Elliot Smith-like melodies, and Conor O'Brien's Villagers, Lady Bird Lad creates something genuinely unique with his music.

The new song ‘More Than Enough’, which is both melancholic and cheerful, displays his intense love of music and his unmatched ability to blend captivating instrumentation with stirring lyrics. Together with electric and acoustic drums, the alternative folk-pop album has vocals, synths, piano, bass guitar, bass synths, strings, and nylon acoustic guitar. Because of Lady Bird Lad's incredible earworm production and genuine vocals, listening to it is uplifting.

During the lockdown in 2021, Lady Bird Lad collaborated with Belfast artist Jack Devlin to write ‘More Than Enough’. It was their first time meeting, and at first, the songwriting session was only supposed to be for Jack's music. Using Zoom, they also wrote ‘Dialogue’ during this writing session. The song is about telling a friend who is struggling—or maybe even yourself—that they are perfect just the way they are.

The final production was built on the foundation of the original demo in terms of production. About 75% of the song was produced by Lady Bird Lad; the remaining 25% was completed with assistance from her close friend Brian Speaker (Speakersonic). Tom Osander (Damien Rice 'O' and '9', Lisa Hannigan) plays the drums on this tune. Seraphina Taylor, Lady Bird Lad's partner, provided backing vocals and some last-minute lyric alteration recommendations. Ruadhri Cushnan (Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, Mumford and Sons, Kodaline) mixed the song ‘More Than Enough’.

“‘More Than Enough’ is a poignant and empathetic song that delves into the universal struggles of self-doubt and emotional hardship, while simultaneously offering a message of unwavering support and self-acceptance. To me, this song signifies the journey of recognizing one's inherent worth, even amidst life's toughest challenges. It speaks to the heart of anyone who has felt overwhelmed by their memories or circumstances, reminding them that they are always sufficient, just as they are. The emotional tone of the song is nurturing and supportive, akin to a compassionate friend or guide offering solace and understanding in difficult times. The song resonates deeply with me and I use it as a bit of a self-healing tool as well, as it mirrors the essential human need for connection and empathy,” Lady Bird Lad comments on the release.



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