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  • Dave Bedford

Larry Thomas Moore Jr. Unleashes Emotionally Charged Single "Our Feelings"

Larry Thomas Moore Jr., a veteran musician with a rich 28-year career, steps into a thrilling new chapter as a solo artist with his latest single, 'Our Feelings.' This captivating Americana-rock track serves as a cautionary tale, delving into the complexities of probing someone's true emotions.

In 'Our Feelings,' Larry masterfully crafts a soundscape that mirrors the emotional intricacies of annoyance and anger. The raw strumming patterns on the guitar and the track's escalating intensity showcase Larry's innate ability to evoke genuine emotion through his musical prowess. The narrative unfolds, urging caution against delving too deeply into someone's feelings, as the response might not align with expectations.

'Our Feelings' stands as a testament to Larry's musical artistry, building on the success of his previously released 2023 singles - 'Lower Your Hands,' 'Not Afraid,' and 'Lovely Eyes.' These tracks garnered acclaim from diverse media outlets and enjoyed widespread airplay in both the United States and the United Kingdom, solidifying Larry's distinctive presence in the contemporary music landscape.

As Larry Thomas Moore Jr. embarks on this exciting solo venture, 'Our Feelings' serves as a powerful introduction to a new chapter in his musical journey. The single not only captures the essence of Larry's seasoned artistry but also hints at the creative heights he is set to achieve as he gears up for further releases throughout 2024. With its emotional depth and musical intricacy, 'Our Feelings' leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what Larry Thomas Moore Jr. has in store next.



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