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Laura Brino Unleashes Emotional New Album ‘Cactus Moon’

American singer-songwriter Laura Brino has once again graced our ears with her latest album release, Cactus Moon. With catchy refrains, folky soundscapes, and a wonderful voice, she takes listeners on a journey of becoming older, and becoming a mother, while breaking generational trauma and healing wounds that are universally ours.

Over the course of its 13 tracks, Cactus Moon, combines elements of pop, rock, indie, and folk. As Laura Brino entered her 40s, the topics progressively evolved from dating and relationship troubles, as well as love songs and breakup songs, to more serious themes based on the human condition. The idea of processing and healing from trauma comes up.

After Laura Brino's second daughter was born, she had a near-death experience that left her suffering from PTSD for years. In 2022, she went to see a Shaman to receive healing for her trauma. She was skeptical as she lay there on the table, but she was also eager to have her worries put to rest. While they performed their reiki magic on her body, they led her via a guided meditation to her healing spot. As she passed through her uterus, she felt their hands firmly grasp it outside of her body. The very organ from which she had almost died. It was healing. The only thing that might have been on her thoughts as she lay there, tears streaming down her cheeks, was a room filled with cacti. She did some research and found that cacti are symbolic of persistence and maternal love. Having examined both her own healing and the healing of the women who came before her, she feels that the 'Cactus Moon' is a symbol of the endless possibilities for personal development and healing.

Laura Brino's captivating voice is expertly captured by, Cactus Moon, which also brings out her amazing tone. Her enthusiasm, integrity, and commitment to perfecting her craft are all evident in the pop song in addition to her musical ability. Her latest piece showcases her skill and harmonises exquisitely with her whole body of work to far.

“This album captures my own personal journey over the last five years; beginning as inspired and thought-provoking, then taking a deep dive into some heavy subjects and experiences. It ends feeling very empowered. It’s wild to be able to see how spot on my own emotional rollercoaster is portrayed in this album,” Laura Brino comments on the release.



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