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  • Paul Riley

Logan Garrett Shares "Deep End" With Skizzy Mars

Logan Garrett's latest offering, "Deep End," dives headfirst into the pulsating depths of Tech-House, guided by the magnetic presence of Skizzy Mars. The track emerges as a testament to Garrett's adeptness at fusing genres, showcasing his evolution from hip hop roots into the electronic realm.

The genesis of "Deep End" reveals a convergence of admiration and collaboration between Garrett and Skizzy Mars. Garrett's longstanding admiration for Skizzy Mars culminated in a desire to craft a track that not only resonated with his own style but also captured the emotional essence intrinsic to Skizzy Mars' music. This collaborative effort, initiated with a simple DM containing the instrumental, flourished despite the demands of Skizzy's nationwide tour and album rollout, ultimately resulting in a harmonious fusion of their respective artistic visions.

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