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  • Ellie McGuire

ZOĒ Challenges Self-Belief On ‘Tunnel Vision’

ZOĒ enthrals listeners on "Tunnel Vision" with her poignant delivery. The poignant lyrics highlight human suffering with a melancholic production, which is infused with warm, dark, and dismal tones. 

As a result of her spiritual practice and love of truth and connection, she has evolved a clean voice that communicates her essence and mission to help people remember their oneness, eliciting healing for both her and the listener.

The alt-pop and indie-pop flavourings merge creating a powerful instrumentation is paired with ZOĒ’s captivating and innocent tonality in her voice to create an emotive experience for the listener.

She co-wrote and co-produced "Tunnel Vision" with Jack Gourlay. The song's foundation and lyrics were written within a single creative session, and the recording took place at a later time. Before a writing session, ZOĒ usually jots down everything she is feeling, remembering, and going through that particular day.

“‘Tunnel Vision’ is where mistakes become lessons and self-belief fuels the journey forward. It’s inspired by a car crash I had some years ago, which sent me down the wrong path but it's about the journey of believing in myself,” ZOĒ comments on the release.



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