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  • Audrey Llana

2AM Ricky Drops 'Move' Just in Time for the Summer

On May 21 2024, Atlanta based hip-hop dance artist 2AM Ricky dropped his latest single "MOVE". Swirling with chill, steady beats and catchy lyrical flows, 2AM Ricky seamlessly blends elements from both EDM and hip-hop genres to create a groovy melting pot of a song. He also continues to push the boundaries between music and advocacy. The song has already reached number 3 on iTunes electronic chart within less than 12 hours of its release, making him the first black transmasc artist to chart in the category.

"MOVE" is a vibrant, hip-hop based electronic dance track with the power to get listeners moving and grooving on the floor or in their kitchens. With a pulsating rhythm and infectious energy, the song is a testament to 2AM Ricky's innovative spirit and dedication to his craft and free spirit.

As an inspiring figure in the LGBTQ+ community and an openly transgender rapper, 2AM Ricky has carved out a unique space where activism intersects with music. His commitment to uplifting black LGBTQ+ voices has even been recognized by GLAAD's EMEI cohort program, and his influence is amplified by his substantial social media following.

Reflecting on the single, 2AM Ricky states that “Move is one of my favorite records; it’s a track that’s sure to get you on your feet and in a groove! I’m very intentional on the message and delivery (of the track) because I understand the historical impact that my career is making on the culture.”

2AM Ricky is an artist who defies genres and expectations. With a passion for music and social change, he represents a new wave of artists who are not only heard but also make a difference. Through his music, 2AM Ricky invites us to dance, to celebrate, and to join him in a movement towards a more inclusive world.

2AM Ricky isn't just creating hits; he's crafting anthems for change. Don't miss the drop of "MOVE " – the song that will set the tone for summer nights and dance floors everywhere.



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