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  • Ellie McGuire

Alex Winston Unleashes New Single ‘Special Feeling’

Alex Winston is a singer-songwriter in the indie pop genre with a unique voice. Her compositions infuse laughter and self-awareness into some of her most excruciating moments by fusing upbeat, upbeat tunes with the darker aspects of everyday existence.

Her new single ‘Special Feeling’ transports listeners on a fascinating trip through the intricacies of human emotion. The song is a lovely meditation on the conflict between the need for acknowledgement and the fear of vulnerability, combining mesmerising guitar melodies with reflective lyrics. Alex Winston, like many other artists navigating the turbulent waters of creativity and self-expression, finds great resonance in this sentiment.

‘Special Feeling’ is the third single from Winston's much-awaited full-length album, which is scheduled for release in June 2024. Her compositions are large-scale, painstakingly constructed pop tunes that have an epic tone without being unfeeling. She is prepared to take back the limelight and establish herself as one of indie pop's most captivating voices once again.

“‘Special Feeling’ is a song about wanting to be seen yet being terrified of it at the same time. A paradox that I think a lot of artists feel putting their work out into the world but also something we all feel to a certain extent,” Alex Winston comments on the release.



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