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  • Dave Bedford

Amy Steele Releases New Curated Playlist 'Human Nature'

London-based singer-songwriter Amy Steele, known for her sultry vocals and distinctive tone, is proud to announce the release of her new curated playlist, 'Human Nature,' this June.

After completing her degree in medicine and officially becoming Dr. Steele, Amy has fully dedicated herself to her music career. 

Amy’s inspiration for 'Human Nature' comes from her belief that music has the power to move people, connect us, and evoke deep emotions. "Music is about moving people; it connects and makes you feel," says Amy. "Given the year we've had, social consciousness is at the forefront of people's minds. 'Human Nature' is a playlist I curated about those things—about being human, justice, and the issues we grapple with as a society and as individuals. It’s about how to understand these issues with kindness through music."

The playlist features songs that resonate with the current social climate and reflect on themes of justice, humanity, and kindness. Amy has carefully selected tracks that not only highlight these themes but also showcase her unique musical inspirations.

Previously, Amy released a series of covers that addressed important messages for the times, including 'Slow Up,' a track reminding us to stay positive and true to ourselves amidst social injustice. Her release, '44 22,' metaphorically explored the concept of unfulfilled promises and the human struggle to meet expectations.

Amy’s music has gained significant support from key tastemakers such as BBC Radio, Kiss FM, Rinse, and prominent media outlets including Clash, Hunger, Wonderland Magazine, Echoes Magazine, The Voice Newspaper, All Hip Hop, Singersroom, Link Up TV, This Is RnB, and UKF.

With 'Human Nature,' Amy Steele continues to use her platform to address vital social issues and connect with her audience on a profound level. Fans can look forward to experiencing a playlist that is both thought-provoking and musically captivating.



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