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  • Ellie McGuire

Angael Unleashes New Single 'All Leopard'

Angael uses a distinctive combination of components in his songs. Her blend of contemporary alternative flair and UK nostalgia, inspired by the gritty, catchy sounds of Timbaland and early 2000s pop giants like Dido, Sugababes, and Robbie Williams, is helping her carve out a position for herself in the fascinating world of music.

Her latest song, "All Leopard," showcases her versatility as a singer-songwriter and transports listeners to a world of captivating soundscapes by fusing pop, hip-hop, and alternative sound elements. The alt-pop/hip-hop record alternates between a laid-back attitude and an overtly angry tone.

With a gifted band at her side, Angael is getting ready to perform her songs. Her music combines thoughtful poetry with catchy melodies in a careful mix of despair and hope. With every performance, she leads the audience on a journey of reflection, self-discovery, and—most importantly—fun.

Angael worked with producer Soundmason (Lupe Fiasco) on "All Leopard." Once they found the beat, she wrote the vocal melody and lyrics, knowing full well that dating in the era of dating apps may be risky, and that she was also secretly tired of it. The song comes to life and has some gritty bottom thanks to the synth bass. Overall, the song has a lot of personality, and the electric guitars provide a rock element.

“With this "Watch The Throne" (Jay-Z and Kanye West) inspired beat, I nonchalantly deliberate over the perils of online dating, endless disappointment, and navigating staying safe as a woman in the digital dating age. When I say "Have you heard I like to slumber", I'm actually referring to the fact that I'll likely hit snooze on my dating life, then follow through with the pursuit of a man post-exchange of numbers. But it's also open to interpretation. If you wanna think I'm being suggestive, I'm fine with that too,” Angel comments on the release.



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