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  • Ellie McGuire

Anya Nami Unleashes New Single ‘Dirty Dream’

In the realm of singer-songwriters, rising songstress Anya Nami is a force to be reckoned with. Her music catalogue speaks for itself. She has a strong track record of accomplishments and is expected to have even more success in the music industry in 2024.

Returning with her latest single, ‘Dirty Dream’, the infectious offering is a testament to her as an artist. Coming ahead of an EP, she has been garnering substantial attention from the press and streaming services whilst captivating listeners.

The energetic song has a production that combines piano, drums, strings, and synths, in addition to Anya Nami’s engaging voice that will catch the listener's attention from the first note. 

With this release, Anya Nami continues to carve out her space in the music industry, showcasing her infectious artistry and commitment.

“The song is based on a real story: one of my first relationships was with my friend’s father. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me,” Anya Nami comments on the release.



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