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  • Ellie McGuire

ARB Unleashes New Single ‘Guy’

ARB (Alter-Reflective Beats) return with their latest single ‘Guy’, featuring KAEY, arriving at a pivotal moment in the world of afrobeat. Infused with their multifaceted sound of innovative AfroGrime, Afrobeats, Afrobeat, Afropop, and Afrofusion stylings, the band's mission is to entertain listeners while encouraging introspection

Fans can anticipate more ground-breaking releases from ARB as they prepare for a busy year ahead. This record genuinely embodies the Afro scene at its best, solidifying their position in it. In addition to being enjoyable, their aim is to create music that forces listeners to consider the issues and stories it presents closely. Whatever the genre, their use of deliberate themes and music to convey a message or emotion unifies all of their work. ‘Guy’ has the potential to leave a lasting impression and add fresh viewpoints to ARB's already impressive catalogue.

“It means the world to me as it blends all the different sub-genres that I play, into one song. It is unique and provokes the listener to interact with it without trying too hard. In the campaign promo for Guy, we will implement the "10k hussle campaign" which will see us award 10k Naira to hardworking traders and market sellers in a bid to encourage their hustling and to appreciate their hard work,” ARB comments on the release.

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