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  • Ellie McGuire

Ava Delaney Unleashes Empowering Journey On New Album ‘everything’

Emerging musicians are always adding new life and insight to the ever-changing music scene. Ava Delaney is a rising pop sensation that the music industry should take seriously. Her most recent album, everything, features her enthralling tone and catchy instrumentation.

Ava Delaney takes us on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery, inviting listeners to break free from toxic entanglements and embrace the path to freedom. She embarked on a journey of emotional, artistic, and spiritual discovery, prioritizing a serene studio atmosphere for her album. She kept a copy of "Be Here Now" and spirit animal oracle cards with her, and each release showcased sincerity and sensitivity, driven by creative exploration and audience connection. Encapsulating the essence of the artist and her commitment to making music that truly connects with listeners, the album is a potent storytelling piece that takes listeners to a world of enchanting soundscapes.

“‘everything’ was a journey of fully investigating and giving a voice to all the swimming, yearning, curious parts within me. It’s titled ‘everything’ because the deeper I go, the more infinite words there are to discover within. This album is a quest to find an oar, a spiritual center, an anchor, within the wild whirling tides of the sea of life,” Ava Delaney comments on the release.



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