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  • Dave Bedford

‘Bass Bin’ Launches Innovative Platform 'Bass Bin Sessions' to Spotlight Emerging Talent

Brighton-based events company Bass Bin, renowned for its commitment to DIY culture and vibrant events across the UK and Europe, has announced the exciting launch of their latest venture, 'Bass Bin Sessions.' This innovative platform aims to harness the well-established Bass Bin brand to showcase new and emerging talent through captivating live sessions, all powered by their iconic 12-volt wheelie bin sound system, created in collaboration with Element 5 Sound Systems.

Since its inception in November 2023, Bass Bin Sessions has been making waves, featuring a diverse range of artists and offering viewers a rich tapestry of genres and styles. From electrifying drum and bass sets to soul-stirring acoustic performances, Bass Bin Sessions promises to be a hub for musical discovery and artistic expression.

With a legacy spanning 15 years in the live events scene, Bass Bin has cemented its status as a staple at renowned festivals like BoomTown, Noisily, Glade, and Hadra Festivals, among others. While predominantly catering to the drum and bass community, the launch of Bass Bin Sessions marks an exciting expansion of the brand's reach, providing a platform for fans to unearth hidden gems and explore new sounds.

Looking ahead, Bass Bin Sessions has plenty more in store, with a lineup of upcoming sessions poised to showcase the best in emerging talent. Artists and bands eager to showcase their skills are encouraged to register their interest by reaching out to, offering a unique opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking platform.

As Bass Bin Sessions embarks on this new chapter, the team behind the initiative is excited to continue championing creativity and pushing boundaries in the music industry. With its commitment to spotlighting emerging talent and providing a platform for artistic expression, Bass Bin Sessions is set to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of live music.



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