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  • Ellie McGuire

Belanu Unleashes Energetic New Single ‘Watching You Again’

Embodying the rock music of Gen Z, Belanu returns with his energetic alternative and indie-rock single ‘Watching You Again’.

After Belanu listened to The Police's ‘Every Breath You Take’, ‘Watching You Again’ was created. The tale of a stalker who was unable to move on from someone they were observing intrigued him. He used a guitar riff he used for every concert sound check when writing the lyrics to his most recent single. The song, which is about how difficult it is to end a long-term relationship, comes across as less obsessive than ‘Every Breath You Take’. Belanu's seductive voice are combined with a sincere instrumentation.

‘Watching You Again’ is a song that not only displays Belanu's musical ability but also his genuineness, passion, and dedication to artistic growth. This new single, which complements his whole musical record to date, demonstrates his artistry.

“It's about letting go of a long-term relationship. Getting a handle on everyday life without that person. It's an honest song that describes a situation that I experienced myself,” Belanu comments on the release.



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