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Choca Blues' Debut Album 'The Wind' Is The Blues Sound Of The Summer

Choca Blues has finally dropped their highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Wind,’ and it’s everything we hoped for and more. This Guatemala-based band is all about blending blues with a splash of global sounds, and they’ve nailed it. The album takes us on a beautiful, genre-blurring journey that’s as exciting as it is unique.

First off, let’s talk about the band. Delta Dina’s soaring vocals are front and center, and she absolutely kills it. Her voice is the glue that holds the whole eclectic album together. From the vibrant opening title track ‘The Wind’ to the country-inspired ballad ‘Old Man,’ and the epic closer ‘Kabuki Dance,’ Dina’s voice is a powerful, grounding force that makes each song stand out.

But it’s not just about Delta Dina. Carlos Funk on guitar brings some serious vibes with his 'National Resonator Style O' guitar. His riffs are sharp, and his solos are nothing short of electric. Laura Charnaud on bass, also known as 'The Law,' lays down some groovy lines that keep everything tight. Then there’s Whitney Petty, a.k.a. 'The Wind,' who not only rocks the drums but also throws in some sweet mandolin tunes. And we can’t forget Zach Bluestown on harmonica, adding that classic bluesy touch with a modern twist.

The fun interplay between these musicians is what really makes ‘The Wind’ shine. You can feel the chemistry and the joy in their playing. Each track has its own flavor, mixing in elements from rock, country, and even a bit of harpsichord country (yeah, you read that right). The album is a testament to their multinational backgrounds, bringing together sounds from Guatemala, the United States, and the Netherlands in a seamless blend.

Recorded at La Finca Studios in Panajachel and produced by Whitney Petty, the album sounds crisp and vibrant. The engineering by Frank Wild, mixing by Josh Evans, and mastering by Rachel Field at Resonant Mastering in Seattle all come together to make sure every note and beat is crystal clear.

Choca Blues is all about breaking boundaries and creating something fresh. Their debut album ‘The Wind’ is a perfect example of their dedication and passion for music. With another album already on the horizon, this is just the beginning for Choca Blues. If you’re ready for a musical adventure, ‘The Wind’ is definitely the album to check out.

Listen to The Wind on SPOTIFY | APPLE MUSIC




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