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  • Dave Bedford

Chris Ostler's 'CO2': A Funk-Rock Odyssey of Emotion and Authenticity

British musician Chris Ostler returns with his latest EP, 'CO2,' a vibrant and soulful follow-up to his acclaimed 'CO1' album. With a fusion of funk-rock anthems and heartfelt messages, 'CO2' showcases Ostler's distinctive blend of high energy, emotion, and captivating storytelling, reaffirming his position as a dynamic force in the music scene.

Proudly neurodivergent, Chris Ostler channels his unique perspective into his music, using it as a platform to make a positive impact in the world. His autism serves as a source of inspiration, enhancing the way he writes and plays, infusing each track on 'CO2' with sincerity and power.

The EP delivers a dynamic collection of tracks, each brimming with Ostler's vocal prowess and passion. From the infectious groove of 'Funk in the Trunk' to the introspective depth of 'Anxious Boy,' 'CO2' offers a diverse range of sonic experiences that resonate with authenticity and depth.

In 'CO2,' Ostler's songwriting prowess shines brightly, with each track offering a glimpse into his raw emotions transformed into beautiful chords and choruses. Whether it's the romantic yearning of 'The Sun & The Moon' or the funky-rock vibe of 'Jam it up Muso,' Ostler's lyrics and melodies weave together to create a captivating musical journey.

Speaking about his music, Ostler expresses a desire to share and connect with listeners, aiming to evoke the immensity and power of life itself through his songs. With 'CO2,' he invites listeners to join him on a colourful melodic adventure, embracing both the positive and challenging experiences of life.



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