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D. Green Discusses the Meaning of Love in His Life In New Single ‘Made for Loving’

D. Green is a dynamic songwriter, producer, and recording artist who is now making waves in the Los Angeles creative scene. He hails from the energetic streets of New York City. He makes his comeback with the release of his latest single ‘Made for Loving’ on all streaming platforms. An upbeat and groovy combination of funky bass, rhythmic guitars, keys, drums, and vocals was used in the production of the funk, soul, and R&B tune.

‘Made for Loving’ was the outcome of D. Green's deep introspective exploration of his innermost thoughts as he thought about what love meant to him personally. the act of giving and receiving as well as all the beautiful, untidy moments that happen in between. He realised that for love to be truly meaningful, it needs to be compatible with the love one has for oneself. It's critical to accept every facet of who you are, inside and out, to fully communicate who you are to the outside world.

Within this open-minded exploration of the unvarnished, flawed beauty of self-love, D. Green crafts a captivating tune that encapsulates the profound sentiment of love. ‘Made for Loving’ showcases his musical prowess while highlighting his authenticity, passion, and commitment to artistic evolution. 

“‘Made for Loving’ was like a heart-to-heart with myself. I've been on this quest, decoding what love means today. It's about giving, receiving, messy, beautiful – and it starts with being in tune with the love you've got for yourself. It's the raw, imperfect anthem to self-love,” D. Green comments on the release.



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