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  • Ellie McGuire

Devansh Unleashes A Cinematic Offering On ‘The Brace’

A multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer Devansh is located in London, originally from New York City and Singapore. His genre-bending music combines elements of jazz, indie pop, world music, modern funk, and psychedelic soul. With a groovy beat and reflective lyrics, his latest release, ‘The Brace’, transports the listener on an emotional trip while capturing the essence of laid-back vibes and expressive narrative.

'The Brace' is a pleasant, wide blend of indie-pop, alternative, soul, and psychedelic music. Its rich production palette includes drums, bass, strings, ambient and funky guitars, and a remarkable assortment of synthesisers. The listener is quickly drawn in by the lively sound, intriguing dynamic contrasts, and enticing vocals by Devansh.

The initial theme of the song is one of ambivalence and apathy, or more precisely, of feeling as though one is lacking in emotion. But a few months ago, a very important and close person made a comeback into Devansh's life, sparking a wealth of memories through that relationship in addition to fresh feelings, emotions, and desires. It's about striking a balance between those intense, contradictory emotions and acknowledging that, instead of being locked off, he wants to be at a place where his heart is open and he can feel things.

The captivating song introduces Devansh as a rising talent with a distinctive sound that transcends genres and a love for a powerful outro. Here, he demonstrates his skill at creating music with an engrossing soundscape, demonstrating how his compositions not only have resonance but also leave a lasting impact. ‘The Brace’ takes a deeper look at every facet while showcasing his development and skill as a musician.

“‘The Brace’ is my second single since the release of my debut album "To Feel Free" last May. It's a song about being in a period of emotional indifference and ambivalence, then having someone meaningful re-enter my life, sparking conflicting feelings, emotions, and desires once again. Featuring a whole host of strings and an eclectic collection of synths to contrast the heavy bass and drums groove, it's my most cinematic track to date,” says Devansh on the release.



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