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  • Paul Riley


Austin, Texas born, LA based artist DLG. releases his hazy, cross-genre EP, ‘CHARACTERS’, which is based around his experiences since moving to LA, and the unique characters he’s met along the way. Dave De La Garza aka DLG. has been building up to this release with huge momentum and executes it with confidence and vibrancy.

Delve into ‘CHARACTERS’ below:

Speaking on the inspiration behind the project, DLG. emphasises that “CHARACTERS is about the people I've met since living in LA. This city is a strange backdrop, with an even stranger cast of characters; some benevolent, some terrifying, most somewhere in between. Everyone here has a motive, and everyone wears a mask. I've spent a while learning how I fit in among the characters of this town, choosing which mask I wear, and finding which motives really drive me.”

Inspired by the likes of  Jungle, Glass Animals, Mac Miller, The Marias, Tom Misch, and Still Woozy, his pool of influences span a variety of different genres and styles, but all with a central essence of psychedelic jazz flair. This can be heard throughout the eclectic, genre bending adventure that this project takes you on.

Speaking on DLG.’s new single ‘ICY’, he shares; “ICY is a new version of the first DLG. song I ever released. The production of the song has changed immensely since 2016, but the lyrics are the exact same. It was inspired by a friend's relationship that had turned bitter after they broke up, and I love the writing so I'd been trying to reproduce the song since I originally released it (and then deleted it 2 weeks later). Nothing stuck until late last year when I was going through old project files with tabla recordings. I have a good friend from growing up who played tablas, and I always used to record his tablas and use the samples in my songs. I really fell in love over time with the sound of tablas, and hearing some old recordings inspired me to make them the bedrock of this new version of ICY. The rest just fell into place.”

Prior to this project’s release, DLG. graced his audience with an introduction to the new body of work, through releasing singles ‘KUNG FU’, ‘OVER MY HEAD’, ‘STRANGERS’, ‘DIVE IN’ and most recently ‘NO SLACK ' (feat. Healy). All of which received favourable responses and has made this a highly anticipated EP amongst fans. Alongside these singles, DLG. will be sharing two brand new singles titled ‘ICY’ and ‘’IT’S ALL GOOD’.



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