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  • Dave Bedford

Electropop Artist Kel Adore Returns With Latest Single 'Soft Eyes'

Photo Credit: McKenna Wood

Out of LA comes electropop artist Kel Adore, a gifted storyteller who takes listeners on a journey through the intricacies of human emotion. Raised in Denver, Colorado, Kel found her passion for music at an early age and began writing her first song at just seven years old. After performing at local gigs and events throughout her childhood, Kel moved to LA to refine her songwriting abilities over multiple recording sessions and more high-profile performances. In the summer of 2023, Kel Adore released her debut EP “All That’s Left” and gave listeners a glimpse into what her music can accomplish both thematically and sonically. 

Written and produced alongside Free Arlo, Kel wrote the track in just a couple of hours, stating that the process felt almost effortless. This is reflected in the ‘easy-listening’ production style the track takes on, which maintains the pulsive drive of the beat whilst creating a distinct atmospheric feel that sits perfectly against Kel’s soft vocal delivery. Kel and Arlo also involve the use of both electric and acoustic guitar in the background of the track, creating a blend between electro-pop and indie-pop that keeps the track grounded and unprocessed. 

Reflecting on the track, Kel stated “When I wrote the song, the image of ‘puppy eyes’ kept coming to mind. You know that look- relaxed, happy, excited, and utterly accepting all at once. It captures that feeling of hopeful anticipation, where we’re blissfully unaware yet fully open to the experience of falling in love. ‘Soft Eyes’ isn’t just a romantic song- it’s about falling in love with life itself, about rediscovering yourself through something, or someone new. Historically, I’ve been someone who craves control as a safety net, but this song is a celebration of letting go, surrendering to the unknown and embracing the beauty of renewal. It’s a reminder to embrace simplicity, and in doing so, to discover just how good life can truly be.”

Kel has big plans for 2024, with new music on the horizon and various gigs in LA, New York and the rest of the country. For ‘Soft Eyes,’ Kel has recorded and filmed a live version of the track, that will be released alongside a lyric video after the release of the main single. Kel shows off her range with the acoustic session, highlighting her strengths as both a studio artist and live performer which certainly sets her apart from other artists on the scene.



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