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  • Dave Bedford

Falky Releases Infectious Indie-Pop Anthem "You Time"

Dynamic duo Falky continues to make waves in the indie pop scene with their latest single, "You Time." Since their inception in 2021, Noah and Rufus have been crafting anthemic indie-pop bangers, and their newest release exemplifies their distinctive sound.

"You Time" is a vibrant fusion of rock-infused guitar parts, melodic synths, and slick production that showcases Falky's evolution. The band's commitment to performance shines through in every note, with vocals that are felt rather than merely heard. As they explain, the track was a turning point for them, allowing them to let loose and have fun in the studio—a sentiment that translates seamlessly into the music.

With "You Time," Falky delivers an irresistibly dance-worthy anthem that transcends traditional pop boundaries. The track's infectious energy and dynamic sound are sure to leave a lasting impression, cementing Falky's status as a rising force in the music industry.

As Falky gears up for more releases, fans can expect to be treated to an exciting journey through their evolving sound. With live dates on the horizon and "You Time" available on all major streaming platforms, Falky is poised for greatness in the world of indie pop.



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