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  • Ellie McGuire

FEYEN Unveils Pop Offering ‘Love And Not War’

Gently, FEYEN dismantles barriers in support of his idea of the full art experience. Some could wonder if one didn't already exist in the first place. It is admirable how well he can bring diverse components together since it makes his spirituality tangible to everyone. Rather than being afraid of change, Roger Feyen actively seeks it out. in the same manner as he searches for partnerships. In the same manner that he's always been fascinated by the big stage.

With his brand-new hit "Love And Not War," FEYEN makes a comeback. The pop release immerses listeners in a world of captivating soundscapes while embracing an inspiring vibe. Over time, this intriguing pop tune evolved from its first "80th/Tina Turner/Beverly Hills/pop-rock song" version. "Love And Not War" was co-created by Terri Bjerre and produced by Jens Gad.

FEYEN's enticing vocals are supported by an uplifting arrangement of drums, guitar, and synths in an instrumental piece that creates a unique and beautiful sound. In what is yet another outstanding work, this song in particular seems to capture his character as a musician and artist. As he advances in the music business, he is committed to creating music that leaves a lasting emotional impression on listeners.

“It is about always finding back to the heart centre even when life gets tough, to embrace love instead of war, especially in times like this. The biggest yoga is a bear insult and bear injury,” says FEYEN on the release.



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