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  • Paul Riley

freespottie Returns With Phenomenal New Song “Fantasy”

Spottie Jones is a rapper and producer from Lindenwold, NJ currently living in Atlanta, GA. Known artistically as freespottie, he creates thought-provoking music that’s inspired by various genres and unique artists, and has often been suggested to be perfect for video games because of its complexity. During his college years, he formed a band called the Luv Monkeyz with a couple of like-minded individuals similarly obsessed with music and in addition to rapping, he honed a talent for creating beats after receiving an MPC. Jones released 4 Loko with Mark IV in 2019, followed by a trifecta of projects (WutDuzDisEvnMeen, Pleroma, and Burnt Out) in 2021. Now, he’s in work mode as he gears up for the release of his next project. Finding inspiration in everything from Donnell Jones, Little Brother, and Quincy Jones, to Curren$y, Boom Clap Bachelors, and Quadron (even away from music in Allen Iverson and SpongeBob Squarepants). Jones plans to make music a way through which he lives his life and shares it with others in the form of mentorship, teaching, and creating a hip-hop residency for aspiring musicians to craft and workshop their art.

“Fantasy” is freespottie’s love letter to his partner, a perfect track for Valentine’s Day. It’s the first single off of his debut album dropping on EveryDejaVu Records in fall 2024. The track has drawn-out instrumentals akin to old soul music and other hip-hop artists such as Pink Siifu, Yasiin Beyy, and Maxo. Spottie Jones – the artist we know as freespottie – conveys a message of intimacy and connection to their partner; talking about what it feels like to be in love that it almost feels unreal, like a fantasy.

“Fantasy is a love song that seeks to unify imagination and pragmatism as it relates to fulfilling our ecological niche as humans–or maybe it’s just a love song. Expressing light tones, both melodically and thematically, the whimsical nature of being in love captivates our narrator’s attention as he tries to articulate his affections.” – freespottie



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