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  • Ellie McGuire

From Athlete to Artist: Amir Ekbatani ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

Amir Ekbatani is a star in the making. After surviving a catastrophic accident that caused the amputation of his left leg, he took a keen interest in music, always finding the strength to give his all into whatever he puts his focus on.

Before self-teaching himself the ropes around music, he was a disregarded high school football prospect who decided to follow his passions and wound up being a two-year starter at UCLA. Tragically, he had his life entirely turned upside down in a terrible car accident that left him with only a 2% chance of survival and left his left leg amputated. After undergoing more than a dozen operations and four years to regain his mobility, he never stopped moving and went on to have a highly successful career as a fitness trainer in Los Angeles and across the world. You can still work out with him on Apple Fitness Plus. 

He changed his life significantly in 2020 as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, returning to school for music production and engineering (Icon Collective, Berklee College of Music, LAAMP). He is now prepared to share his genuine narrative through his songs, expressing his innermost thoughts and vulnerabilities after three years of creative incubation.

He returns with his brand-new single ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ - a tribute to ‘80s music era. The track merges his signature songwriting, his sonic interests, and preferences creating an amalgamation of genres that can be most succinctly described as indie dance.

The lyrics of the song describe dating in contemporary Los Angeles in an autobiographical manner. its erratic, fluctuating, and volatile character. It is like piloting a fighter jet and needing to avoid all possible threats to obtain a fleeting view of the surroundings. The thrill of the chase and the allure of being unattainable, which many of us experience in our youth, are the causes of it. It uses tales from 1984 to tell the story of the union's current state in 2024, providing a haven of safety and simplicity from the overpowering complexity of the modern world.

‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a pop song that combines elements of new wave, retro wave, indie-pop, and indie-rock genres. The energetic and upbeat piece is produced by electric guitar, Moog Minimoog model D (all synths), OB-X8, Linndrum LM2, vocals, and Roland Juno 60, Rolando Juno 106. To perfectly capture the mood of the moment, he created every sound on this song in his studio using an LM2 Linndrum machine and a range of analogue synths (Juno, OBX, and Minimoog). Peter Ferguson, a guitarist residing in Nashville, played and performed all other instruments on this song; Amir Ekbatani is the lone producer, performer, and composer.

“‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a state of the union on dating in 2024, told from the year 1984, a safe-haven sanctuary of simplicity from the overcomplexity of the present day,” Amir Ekbatani comments on the track.



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