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  • Paul Riley

goldenbloom Heats Things Up With Raw And Unapologetic "HEating"

Updated: Mar 14

goldenbloom, the revered post-punk quartet, has once again thrust themselves into the limelight with their latest single, "HEating". The track, a powerful exploration of the struggles arising from the cost of living crisis, is a testament to the band's unyielding commitment to delivering impactful music.

Recorded at Brighton Electric over two intense days, "HEating" exudes an electrifying energy from the collaboration of Jordan Walker's haunting vocals, Will Young's incendiary guitar riffs, Johnny Brock's thunderous bass, and Justas Pugaciauskas's relentless drums. The sonic landscape crafted in the studio, further polished by Tigercub's Jamie Stephen Hall and Grammy-nominated engineer Robin Schmidt, is nothing short of a sonic punch that demands immediate attention.

The inspiration behind "HEating" is as gripping as the music itself, with Jordan Walker delving into the harsh reality faced by many households today. The lyrics encapsulate the daunting choices people are forced to make in the wake of rising utility prices, reflecting the agonising decisions between heating their homes or putting food on the table.

From the opening chords, "HEating" launches into a relentless assault on the senses, with gritty lyrics that cut deep into the core of the cost of living crisis. The track's raw energy captures the anger and frustration of those grappling with the unrelenting pressures of today's economic challenges. goldenbloom's signature sound, characterised by intense vocals and driving instrumentation, elevates "HEating" to a cathartic anthem for the disillusioned.

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