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Hannah Lou Woods Unravels Layers of Self-Doubt On ‘Fallen from the Stars’

American singer-songwriter Hannah Lou Woods is releasing her new acoustic singer-songwriter music to the world. She has millions of streams under her credit (as the electronic artist We Saw Lions). She releases her lead single ‘Fallen From The Stars’ off her next EP, Meet Me at the Pine Tree, a collection of love songs scheduled for release on Valentine’s day this year.

Hannah Lou Woods uses her unique voice to construct intricate melodies with the help of the piano, guitar, and ukulele. “A tenderness in each whisping breath that dances elegantly over the delicate touch of each piano key. Her voice floats and dips in a calming and ethereal sort of way. It seems effortless, but its beauty is undeniable,” is how Red Line Roots characterises her sound. Her voice has a soothing, ethereal quality to it as it rises and falls. Although it appears simple, its beauty cannot be denied. The result is a folksy-bluesy-pop song that is sincere, emotional, and elevated by the richness of the lyrics based on personal experiences.

Acoustic pop, adult contemporary, and singer-songwriter components are all blended in the poignant and heartfelt acoustic ballad ‘Fallen from the Stars’. Dave Chapman co-produced and handled engineering on the piano and voice recordings of this song, which she recorded at Ugly Duck Studios. Trevor Jarvis is playing the cello in the interim.

More than ten years ago, while she was falling in love with her husband, she got the idea for the song. She began writing the song after returning to Boston as a means of processing and getting over her self-doubt that real love was possible, despite the distance between them at the time. They fell in love amid juniper trees and red rock mountains in Sedona, Arizona. “Love can be scary, it can rip you open and bring up vulnerable parts of yourself that might feel unworthy of love.” She was more open to the idea that she might love someone for the rest of her life after working on this song. She felt it would be a terrific idea for their first dance at their wedding.

“‘Fallen from the Stars’ is about unraveling the layers of self-doubt and fear that prevent you from letting yourself be loved, it’s about the power of someone loving you for you and the challenge of believing that you’re worthy of that kind of love,” Hannah Lou Woods comments on the release.



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