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  • Audrey Llana

Harrison Cramond Releases Summertime Track 'Wait Till I Get Home'

Harrison Cramond, an Australian singer-songwriter, just dropped his eagerly awaited single "Wait Till I Get Home". The track is a delightful blend of acoustics, electric guitar, drums, and piano, delivering a heartfelt yet uplifting vibe. Cramond skillfully merges upbeat dance rhythms with his distinctive alt-rock and pop-rock sound. What started as an impromptu guitar riff evolved into a dance anthem, showcasing his knack for turning musical accidents into hits. The song's rhythm, stellar guitar work, and captivating vocals are sure to get listeners moving, capturing the essence of nostalgic new connections.

Growing up between Australia's slopes and Hawaii's beaches, Harrison has been immersed in music from an early age, thanks to his mother's influence as he's been jamming to Beethoven since birth. Now, his music is a testament to his background and eclectic upbringing. With a guitar in hand since he was three, Harrison’s appreciation for various music genres is evident, drawing inspiration from artists like John Mayer. When he's not making music, you can find him surfing the waves or honing his acting skills, embodying the spirit of an athletic performer and a passionate musician.



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