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  • Ellie McGuire

IGOR360 Unleashes New EP ‘PivoT’

IGOR360, is poised to transform the digital scene with the release of his much-awaited EP, PivoT, which will be paired with an immersive dance video called ‘Merged Subjects’. By fusing his knowledge of performance art, branding, photography, cinematography, design, and music production, IGOR360 creates a cutting-edge initiative that breaks down barriers and fosters empathy in our increasingly technologically advanced society.

Igor Elie-Pierre, based between Toronto, New York City, and Paris, has long been a pioneer in examining the nexus between art and technology. The EP is a masterful blend of cultural influences and musical genres, a reflection of the artist's diverse upbringing and worldview. The EP resonates with audiences on a tactile and synesthetic level with its relaxed yet expressive tracks that take listeners on a musical discovery voyage.

‘Merged Subjects’, is an avant-garde dance film directed and performed by Madison Lynch and Emma Gordon, two contemporary dancers based in New York. The film investigates the artists' relationship with an unidentified digital audience through intuitive motions and engaging graphics, exploring topics of moral intuition, mirroring, and intersubjectivity.

As the initial stage of a more extensive study project, ‘Merged Subjects’ and, Pivot, demonstrate IGOR360's dedication to fostering a better comprehension of empathy and connection in the digital era. His creative use of technology and art aims to encourage a society that is more inclusive and compassionate. As he presents his new multidisciplinary project and invites audiences to experience the beauty of movement and the resonance of shared emotion, come along on this exciting journey with him.

IGOR360 has crafted an EP that is both a testament to the enduring power of his renowned music and a bold declaration of his unique sound. Whether you're a long-time fan of the genre or a newcomer, this EP is a must-listen. Just push play, and let the music speak for itself.



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