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  • Ellie McGuire

Interview - Gerem3

Emerging genre-binding singer-songwriter Gerem3 has released his latest single 'Safe Space'. He is making a lot of effort to showcase his growing sound and musical talents while taking the music industry by storm.

We had a conversation with Gerem3 regarding the release, his future plans, and the reasons you should listen to his music. Check it out here at IGNITE!

Hey Gerem3, how are you doing?

I’m so good! Overwhelmed and busy in the best ways possible!

Who are your main influences as an artist?

I grew up watching and studying the greats. Michael, Janet, Prince, James Brown. My mom and dad were vocalists so they definitely sparked my love of music as well.

Sum up your music for us in three words?

Dynamic. Vulnerable. Atmospheric.

What's your biggest highlight as an artist so far?

I think the biggest highlight so far has been performing and how my relationship with the stage has changed. Being on stage is my home but I ran away from it for a while. I had trauma tied to getting attention or being exposed in that way and it affected my performance. But now, I’m learning to lean into the joy it brings me when I’m on stage and nurturing and enhancing that joy.

How have friends and family reacted to your journey so far in music?

I have the BEST support system ever! My closest friends and family really rally behind me and encourage me and ground me.

Congratulations on the release of your new single 'Safe Space'. We're loving it! How did it come about and what’s the meaning and/or message behind the song?

Thank you! That song is my baby! I wrote it during the pandemic, hence why I focused so much on being “around” someone because, at that time, we couldn’t be. The song touches on how incorrigible that physical yearning can be in the moment and then once your feelings are involved, you come back again and again. But towards the end of the song you begin to realize something so surfaced may not have the most stability.

What was the recording and writing process like for this song?

Originally, I’d written this song to submit to a much bigger artist but it ended up not making the cut. I was so proud of it that I decided to keep it for myself. I re-cut the vocals a cappella and sent them to my producer, Banger Slanger. I emphasized that I didn’t want the sound to be too romantic. We met in Atlanta a few weeks later and constructed the song sound by sound. Banger is so gifted and getting to watch him work and being so willing to collaborate and bring my full vision to life was so dope.

How would you describe this song sonically for our readers?

Sonically, it’s dark and expansive, like a lot of my songs. It’s got a bit of R&B with a touch of alternative. Heavy guitar and drums. In my mind I was Batman, I’m in the Batmobile and I just sent Catwoman a “u up?” text. Ha!

What are your plans for the rest of 2024? What can fans expect?

My hope is to finally release my project before the end of the year but that will come. I’m focused on building my audience right now. Also, performing and more performing! This summer has been an overload of shows and I’m so grateful! This year I’m definitely trying to dominate as many stages a possible!



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