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Interview - Jaïr Faria

Dutch-born rising star Jaïr Faria makes a comeback with his most recent song, ‘Do Better’. In preparation for the release of his upcoming record, Jaïr Faria showcases his versatility as a music artist. With his impressive achievements to date, it is anticipated that he will achieve even more success in the music industry in 2024.

Hey Jaïr Faria, how are you doing? 

Things are going really well, today my first music video was released and I won a Dutch prize last week to give my career an extra boost. I'm playing at some really cool festivals this year so I'm looking forward to the future.

Who are your main influences as a band? 

I am a solo artist but I do sing with a band. My biggest inspirations are Radiohead and Billie Eilish.

Sum up your music for us in three words? 

Authentic, captivating, versatile.

What's your biggest highlight as a group so far?

I'm a solo singer, my biggest highlight was my performance for the Dutch Royals and performing for a sold-out Paradiso.

How have friends and family reacted to your journey so far in music?

Everyone is really supportive and happy for me, my mom is a music manager and my dad is also a famous artist in the Netherlands and they both are really proud.

Congratulations on the release of your new single 'Do Better'. We're loving it! How did it come about and what’s the meaning and/or message behind the song?

‘Do Better’ is a song about trying to get over a relationship, and keep wanting to do better but the other person making it really difficult. Something as small as just seeing the person can pull you back to square one. As a young queer black artist, my music always revolves around young queer love and how this can be beautiful as well as painful. ‘Do Better’ is a prime example of this, blending catchy pop melodies with the experiences of tragic young love.

What was the recording and writing process like for this song? 

I wrote this song with Morgan Avenue and Jheynner Argote and my dad also helped us with the song. We wrote the song in half an hour and we all were super excited about it and felt really catchy. 

How would you describe this single sonically for our readers? 

Do Better is part of the EP that will be released next November. The thread of my EP is about the ups and downs in the love life of a queer person. The songs are mostly about love and heartbreak. I would describe the sound as pop/indie rock with a neo-soul vocal sound.

What are your plans for the rest of 2024? What can fans expect? 

Since this year we have been working together with Mojo and there are a lot of shows and festivals planned. I will also be dropping my EP in November and I hope to make international growth.

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