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  • Ellie McGuire

JAIZE Unleashes New Single ‘nostalgia64’

The fascinating track "nostalgia64," which is JAIZE's most recent smash, heralds his comeback. It is taken from his companion EP, ENDTAPE. This rap and hip-hop-infused song explores and skillfully combines a variety of inspirations into its sound, creating a style that appeals to a broad audience and carves out a position for itself in the market.

His memorable lyrics and skilful production are combined in this hip-hop and rap performance. And JAIZE is taking the music world by storm with his explosive music releases, superb productions, and skilful songwriting. In addition to demonstrating that he is a gifted artist to watch, he has hinted at a promising future.

“The song is a throwback to old school hip-hop where the flows are paramount. It means growth. I have come so far from where I started and this song reminds me that I've made it. This is for younger me,” JAIZE comments on the release.



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