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  • Dave Bedford

Jay Hofman Captures Pure Joy in New Single 'Good Kind (To Me)'

Manchester-based electro-pop artist Jay Hofman returns to the music scene with his latest single, "Good Kind (To Me)," featuring the vibrant vocals of Voilàh. This track, taken from his latest album "Commentarium de Paradiso," showcases Hofman's knack for creating infectious and feel-good music.

"Good Kind (To Me)" is a delightful departure from the more serious themes of Hofman's previous work. Written during a sun-drenched holiday in Denia, Spain, the song embodies a sense of joy and contentment. Its lyrics celebrate the discovery of someone special who embodies both goodness and kindness, making it a perfect anthem for those in love.

Hofman’s spontaneous songwriting process shines through in this track. He recounts how the song came together in just five minutes, capturing a moment of pure inspiration. The collaboration with Voilàh, whom he met at a dance show, adds a unique flair to the song, blending her dynamic style with his own to create a truly memorable piece.

As Jay Hofman continues to innovate and explore new musical territories, "Good Kind (To Me)" stands out as a testament to his artistic growth and ability to connect with audiences. The song's blend of joy, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide, making it a standout track in his already impressive catalogue.



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