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  • Ellie McGuire

MIN Unleashes New EP ‘Prime Time’

In the realm of singer-songwriters, rising songstress MIN is a force to be reckoned with. Her music catalogue speaks for itself. She has a strong track record of accomplishments and is expected to have even more success in the music industry in 2024.

Prominent vocalist Min, formerly of Miss A, is pleased to announce the release of her brand-new EP, "Prime Time." With "Prime Time" as the lead title, Min's career has seen a substantial transformation with this quartet of films. The EP blends several genres and showcases the artist's development since entering the K-POP market.

The EP's theme revolves around genuine and self-discovering moments. MIN's captivating vocal performance is highlighted by her perceptive lyrics and beautiful melodies. Her commitment to releasing music that accurately captures who she is is evident in every song. The EP's catchy productions and standout tunes showcase her flexibility and unique vocals.

"Prime Time," is a testament to MIN’s creative and personal development. It is a celebration of individuality, self-determination, and freedom of speech. The record is expected to be a high point in Min's career and a priceless contribution to the world of music. Listeners everywhere will find inspiration and hope in her message, which will motivate them to live authentically and accept their own truth.

“I hope that this EP is one that empowers people, that instills in the listeners hope and an empowerment that you, too, can live the way that you’d like without having to answer to any critics and naysayers,” MIN comments on the release.

With this release, MIN continues to carve out her space in the music industry, showcasing her infectious artistry and commitment.



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