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  • Paul Riley

Molly Green Unleashes A Powerful Anthem With "She is Mighty"

Molly Green, the rising star in the jazz and soul scene, is making waves with her latest single, "She is Mighty", an empowering ode to sisterhood that sets the stage for her highly anticipated 8-track mixtape.


A 2020 graduate of Music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Molly Green has swiftly carved her niche in the music industry with a soulful sound influenced by legends like Adele and Aretha Franklin. Having graced stages from the iconic Ronnie Scotts to the sprawling fields of Glastonbury and Boomtown, Molly's performances have consistently left audiences enchanted.


"She is Mighty" marks the first glimpse into Molly's upcoming mixtape, where she delves deep into her jazz, soul, and blues roots. Recorded by James McMillan and produced by Matt Greaves, the single is a sonic journey guided by a punchy bass line reminiscent of a Wild Western film soundtrack. The delicate yet gritty composition offers a unique take on the girl-power anthem, intending to uplift, motivate, and ignite the spark in every listener.


The heart and soul of "She is Mighty" lie in Molly Green's personal connection to the song. Crafted as a tribute to her younger sister, Flo, Molly draws from real-life experiences and anecdotes to convey a message of strength and self-acceptance. The lyrics unfold like a vivid tapestry, painting Flo's resilience and unique spirit with every note.

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