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  • Dave Bedford

Moxxy Jones' "This Time" - A Synth-Pop Triumph

Synth-pop duo Moxxy Jones, comprised of long-time San Francisco friends Frank and Milan, is back to enthrall audiences with their latest single, "This Time." Released under Starita Records and produced by the acclaimed Starita, "This Time" is the tenth single from their highly anticipated debut album, "Unnoticed." With this track, Moxxy Jones continues to showcase their distinctive blend of electro-pop, industrial dance, and R&B-infused sounds, cementing their place as a formidable force in the music world.

"This Time" is an explosive track that masterfully combines energetic beats with a powerful narrative. Thematically, the song delves into the emotional journey of finding the strength to leave an unfulfilling relationship. Throughout the track, Moxxy Jones creates a wistful yet exhilarating sonic experience that seamlessly blends big vocals, funk guitar, modern synths, and experimental sounds to craft a dynamic and unforgettable track that is sure to resonate deeply with listeners.

The duo's upcoming album, "Unnoticed," promises to be a deep dive into the duality of the human experience, exploring themes of beauty in brokenness, harmony in dissonance, and comfort in discomfort. Each track offers a rollercoaster of emotions, allowing fans to fully engage with the wide sonic range that Moxxy Jones has to offer.

In "This Time," Moxxy Jones delivers a powerful anthem of resilience and self-discovery, wrapped in a vibrant, genre-blending package. As they gear up for the release of "Unnoticed," fans can look forward to more innovative and emotionally resonant music from this talented duo.

Listen to Moxxy Jones 'This Time'



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