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My Five Favourite Albums - DEAD STAR TALK

The dynamic and industry-defying band DEAD STAR TALK is set to revolutionise the music industry once again with the release of their highly anticipated second album, ‘Solid State Chemicals’; Ahead of this groundbreaking album drop, we had the opportunity to ask the outfit about their top 5 albums!

In a bold move that challenges traditional distribution norms, DEAD STAR TALK has announced that ‘Solid State Chemicals’ will only be available on streaming platforms throughout the month of June 2024, with plans to be taken down in July 2024. However, fans need not worry, as permanent copies will be available in limited quantities on vinyl and as NFTs, along with downloads in music stores. FIND OUT MORE

With a fusion of melodic guitar-driven anthems and experimental tracks, they continue to push the boundaries of rock music while championing fair treatment for artists in the industry.

We asked them... who's music shaped you into DEAD STAR TALK?..

"As a songwriter it has to be albums. The full works of art so to speak" DEAD STAR TALK

The clear #1 Oasis - "What’s The Story (Morning Glory)" 

Released: 2 October 1995

Label: Creation Records

Awards: Brit Award for British Album of the Year, Brits Album of 30 Years Award, NME Award for Best LP

Genre: Rock, Britpop, Alternative rock

The songwriting and vibe in the band (during the point of recording those songs - the rebellion, attitude, delivery and group dynamic caught on tape) not to be mention the production is 2nd to none and it blew my mind when I heard it the first time as a young teenager. Its the album that made me dedicate my life to music

Kashmir - “The Good Life”

Genre: Rock

Release date: 16 February 1999

As a Danish songwriter, this is the only album written by a Danish band that truly had a massive impact on my teenage years. Fun fact these guys are huge i Mexico but apart from that we’re talking about a seriously overlooked band on the international scale

Blur - “Blur”

Release date: 29 January 1997

Genre: Indie rock; lo-fi; alternative rock; art rock; experimental rock

Label: Food

Length: 56:53

Producer: Stephen Street; Blur

When I saw them premiere “Beetlebum” on top of the pops I was sold on Blur (never bought into the oasis rivalry). Such a great and complicated - yet super accessible album. No idea how they do it. True genius

Brockhoff - “Sharks”

Released: 24 June 2022

Being based in Hamburg and not only living in the past this German lady has to be mentioned. She is releasing some of the best indie rock I’ve heard for years. Unfortunately she hasn’t released an album yet but I will bend the rules to include her debut EP “Sharks”. The voice, those hooks. It stays with you.

High Vis - “Blending”

Release date: 30 September 2022

I will never understand how naturally these lads managed to melt together their very wide age spectrum (from 20’s to 50’s) and throw together Britpop and hardcore vibes. But it truly works and it truly their own thing. Fantastic urgent roar for the working classes.

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