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My Five Favourite Albums - Jess Hunter

With her latest single 'Anhedonia' available to stream now, fast-rising singer-songwriter Jess Hunter talks us through her five favourite albums of all time.

1. Heaven Or Las Vegas – The Cocteau Twins 

When I listen to their music, The Cocteau Twins transport me into this fantastical dream  world of synth pop. I first listened to this album in 2021 and I will not forget the feeling of  not wanting the final song to finish, laying on the bed in the spare room of my Nans house.  A friend recommended the album to me and instantly I fell in love with Elisabeth Fraser's  vocals and the band. Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires must be my favourite on the  album; its structure inspired my song Blank.  

2. Igor – Tyler, The Creator 

Igor shaped my lockdown in 2020. Wow, what a fever dream that was. I had listened to some  of Tyler’s older tracks before, however only a few on Flower Boy. Listening to Igor, I was  mesmerized from the start. I remember watching video essays unpacking the albums  concept. The deep portrayal of his love affair made me feel I was living it. Igor takes me back  to a time when I was discovering what music I wanted to hear, let alone be inspired by. It  was a pivotal time in my life of changes and new beginnings. To me, it's an album with no  skips. New Magic Wand? Banger. Are We Still Friends? Grab the tissues. 

3. Songs – Adrianne Lenker  

Words cannot tell you how obsessed I am with Adrianne Lenker at the moment. From her  work with Big Thief to her individual projects, her songwriting is on a whole different level.  Her music is what I am heavily influenced by right now, especially when it comes to writing new material. I first listened to “not a lot, just forever” when it played on shuffle. The gentle  guitar reminded me of what my boyfriend at the time used to play. He then sent me a song  from the album stating it reminded him of me and our relationship. I ventured into Songs, and I've not looked back. Although that relationship has now ended, I relate this project to  the beautiful moments. Adrianne is one of my biggest inspirations and the way her music  makes me feel is a connection like no other.  

4. Stranger in the Alps – Phoebe Bridgers  

Phoebe Bridgers is my favourite musician right now. Boygenius not far behind. If you see me  with my headphones on, just know it's probably a Phoebe song blaring. Stranger in the Alps 

reminds me of my three best friends. We became close in 2021 and they showed me her  music. Ever since, we remain a very tight-knit bunch and know anything and everything  there is to know about each other. I couldn't live without them. My favourite song on the  album is hard to pinpoint but I’m going with Scott Street. The final minute of the song, the  atmosphere that is created puts me with my friends, laughing, being open and being  comfortable. Those three friends feel like home, Stranger in the Alps feels like home.  

5. Sunny Side Up – Paolo Nutini  

I grew up listening to Paolo Nutini. Sunny Side Up was always played, blasting in the car  when I would fly to Ireland as a kid to see my grandparents and many family members.  When I was younger, “Pencil Full of Lead” and “Funky Cigarette” were my go-to. Those  two songs take me back to dancing with my mum or being taught how to jive in my  Grandads kitchen in Northern Ireland. However, how times have changed as “Candy” and  “Tricks of the Trade” are the ones I listen to most. Nutini is a great songwriter with a voice  so distinctive and beautiful.

Listen to Jess Hunter's new single 'Anhedonia' below.


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