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My Top Three Favourite Albums - Hollow Stare (Daniel)

We had the opportunity to chat with Hollow Stare ahead of their release: ‘Sleep’ - a journey through the dark realms of sleep paralysis, capturing the terror and helplessness it brings

Daniel, an American who recently graduated with a master's degree in audio production, found himself adrift in the UK's challenging economic landscape. Amidst job applications and freelance work, he channelled his uncertainty into creating a vast collection of instrumental rock and metal pieces. It was Ben Fleming, Daniel’s long-time collaborator and friend from the Colorado music scene, who saw the potential in these tracks - Their synergy gave birth to Hollow Stare.

I've always been the kind of guy that likes to listen to entire albums at a time when I listen to music, so I really love this question.  With that being said, there are a lot of amazing albums out there which makes this still pretty difficult for me to answer, but I'll give it my best shot!..

1.  Periphery: Alpha/Omega Double album

Has to be one of, if not my favorite album of all time.  I think the cultist failing to re-integrate into society story Spencer Sotelo tells throughout this concept album is really fascinating and enjoyable, and Periphery's production and instrumentation have always been absolutely stellar.  They have a lot of music but I think this record was where their passion for music really stood out the most, and I love everything about it.  

2.  Aesop Rock: The Impossible Kid

Definitely one my favorite albums of all time.  I've always adored Ian Bavitz metaphorical and satirical approach to rap music and the Impossible Kid brings that style into a unique approach to production that I've listened to more times than I can count.  Every song is deep and honest, and the production takes you on a different kind of journey than you've been on before.  

3.  AJR: Neotheater

Definitely not an album I ever thought I'd like let alone put in my top three.  I'm not usually a pop guy, and I've very rarely found pop music I like and thus don't seek it out very often.  In fact, I only discovered AJR through a girl I went on like two dates with in college, but I was really taken aback by it!  In traditional pop form, it's very melodic, catchy, and vocal centric, but I also found it to be extremely tight thematically as well as one of the most honest, deep representations of an artist I've ever heard through music.  The production is fantastic, and the lyrics really hit home while staying true to a very tightly woven thematic concept of "What it's like to grow up."

Press Photo by Sisi Burn | COVER ART BY A NOOR ADNAN

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