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Nola Mann Unleashes Captivating New EP ‘From Dusk 'Till Dawn’

Brussels-based rising singer-songwriter Nola Mann is paving her way into the music scene with her promising sound.

Numerous musical genres, such as pop, R&B, rap, country, jazz, and rock, have an impact on the singer. She discovers that captivating lyrics appeal to her. She offers the music industry a new viewpoint. She combines emotional depth and compelling storytelling to create her signature sound, which can resonate with audiences globally. She is in a good position to have a significant influence on the music business because of her unique sound and message, which resonates with audiences.

Listeners will be enthralled with Nola Mann's devotion to her craft and passion in From Dusk 'Til Dawn. She is a creative person who aspires to establish a deeper connection with her audience by being transparent and honest in her songs. Her enticing voice and captivating instrumentation evoke strong feelings in the listener.

Nola Mann combines folk, country, and R&B styles on the EP to transport listeners to a surreal story filled with universal themes, pop cultural allusions, and cinematic references. Throughout the EP's five tracks, she faces her demons and surrounds them with levity, demonstrating her flawless musical brilliance and vulnerability as an artist.

“The EP is about personal and universal traumas such as Depression, bad relationships, anxiety, and global mental health issues. It's also about an inner world we don't always share and sometimes struggle with alone. But it's also about fighting our demons and trying to heal from them. Everybody is trying to heal from someone or something, everybody has traumas. I think mental health is still very much stigmatized and people don't have to deal with it alone, dawn comes after dusk,” says Nola Mann on the release.



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