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  • Ellie McGuire

ODO Unveils Vibrant Debut EP ‘The less we are, the more I am’

ODO, a dynamic rock trio from Belgium, are renowned for their innovative music and live performances, blending elements of indie-pop, indie-rock, pop rock, hard rock, and pop punk.

ODO's EP showcases their passionate rock sound, capturing fans' attention with enchanting melodies and engaging instrumentation, preparing them for an exciting musical journey.

‘Oh My Mind’ is a song with a straightforward guitar riff and contemplative lyrics about seeking help and the fear of asking for it. With an enthralling guitar riff that culminates in an explosive solo, ‘What A Life’ is an exuberant rock song about love, time distance, and the yearning for someone you can't stay close to. The poignant pop song ‘Pretend’ is a semi-acoustic ballad about heartbreak and the never-ending fear of losing someone, believing that it is entirely your fault. Punk influences can be heard in the quick, upbeat song ‘How About You’. The iconic rock song ‘Fire’ is about love. 'Long Way Down' is a catchy rock song with a catchy riff that immediately engages listeners. ‘One Last Time’ is an emotional tribute to those we miss and long for, featuring a recognizable chorus that is easily singable.

The seven tracks in their collection showcase their high-quality music, blending high-intensity rock anthems with soul-stirring acoustic ballads, addressing themes of loss, love, struggle, and grief.

“It's about the complexity of being young, love, loss, joy, and disaster,” says ODO on the release.



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