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One Last Job release their sophomore album 'Been Here Ever Since'

The sophomore album, Been Here Ever Since, from One Last Job gives listeners a glimpse into the intriguing musical journey with their renowned sound.

The multifaceted nuances throughout the twelve tracks combine intimate lyricism and a blend of instrumentation from soft acoustics to whirling synths. It showcases their superb range and versatility with an infectious atmosphere. Recorded entirely by frontman Travis Klein from a laptop while travelling between Austin, TX, and Las Vegas, NV, the album was almost exclusively recorded on jet-lagged Saturdays in his living room and tweaked on his laptop from different hotels and Airbnb’s.

Every song on the album is lyrically strong and tells a coherent story, with gratitude serving as the overarching theme. It starts with a tale set in the middle of college, where Travis is faced with the realisation that many individuals never really take the time to deliberately plan their life, instead choosing one course after another until their entire lives pass by. This project challenged the very concept of free choice, which was a terrible realisation. Travis examines what's unsettling about acceptance throughout the album, finally coming to a fresh understanding.

Been Here Ever Since, is a collection of songs that will grab the listener's attention right away and highlights One Last Jobs' creative contrast and vitality. They display a passionate indie-rock sound, telling a story of the musician's physical and mental tiredness as they skillfully wrap up the musical voyage. Throughout the twelve tracks, there are deep existential topics explored along with captivating soundscapes, unprocessed vocals, and pure, honest lyrics.

This album is a dialogue between gratitude and ambition. I start from a sort of standard "Western" worldview where individuality and ambition are of primary value, and then throughout the album, we go on a journey following that worldview to its logical extent before arriving at a new perspective grounded in gratitude and giving up some of that need for control. I hope it makes you smile,” says One Last Job on the release.



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